APRIL 2015



Auke de Vries and Ruth Taylor are two animators from the Netherlands who have been traveling from artist residency to artist residency throughout seven different countries around the globe. One of which was Surface Arts + Rumpueng Residency Program.

Ruth Taylor is an Illustrator and Animator. She was born in Scotland, but migrated with her family to the Netherlands when she was very young. She grew up in Rotterdam, where her interest in Illustrating grew. After finishing high school she moved to Breda to study animation at St. Joost Art Academy. She received her bachelor degree in design in 2011. She graduated with the short film “Drifted”. Which got selected for screening at the Netherlands film festival. After graduation she started working at Production House Marco Klein + Partners. She is currently working as a freelance animator and illustrator.

Auke de Vries was born in Zwijndrecht (The Netherlands). He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Animation from AKV St.Joost Breda. He is currently a freelance Animator and Motion Graphics Designer. He has previously been nominated for best Student film Playgrounds Festival 2011, also the Tilburg
Nomination for the St.Joost Penning 2011 and the Breda Best Dutch Student Film at the TENT Academy Award 2011 – Rotterdam. His animated shorts have been screened at festivals worldwide in: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Saint Petersburg, New York, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Meyrin, Malta, Bejing.

Auke and Ruth met each other studying Animation at the School of Fine Art and Design|St.Joost in Breda. When Auke won the TENT Academy Award in 2011, the prize for the best audiovisual graduation work of all Dutch art academies, he won a two month residency at Gullkistand in Iceland. This turned out to be such a wonderful and valuable experience, Auke new right away that he wanted to do more residencies.


Together Auke and Ruth were able to get into six different international residencies. Over this year Auke and Ruth traveled to Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, Canada and Finland.


During their time in Thailand both artists worked on their own film projects and also ran an animation workshop for local artists.









They also performed some site specific works and experimented with visual mapping at the Rumpueng site.


Ruth worked on a short animated film called ‘The Cliffs’ about little hawks in a bird’s nest that get attacked by lizard. The hawks are based on the real one’s she and Auke saw in New-Zealand and the lizard was inspired on a real lizard in Thailand.

Auke has been working on a film with ‘reincarnation’ as its main theme. The protagonist, who lives in India, dies and reincarnates as a bird. But he would rather be a cow, so he tries to keep reincarnating by killing himself time and time again until he becomes one.  Both animators hope to see their short films screened in film festivals soon.