February 2014



Kumiko (AKA; Ink) creates video installations that mix digital material with organic material inspired by local culture and surroundings. She creates a new physicality that enables communication and exchange. She believes that the individual and the societies made by the individual should be flowing and thus creates environments and site specific installations as platforms.





Agop presented her past works and demonstrations of her work in progress at our event ‘Pot Luck Party’ which enabled a sharing of ideas and work between artists.





Inks work during the residency explored the ‘after image’ so by making an object which turned with a motor she was able to test out the effects. She chose to make the object from organic materials to build a primitive theme into the work and to reference Kinbaku (Japanese Rope art), like S&M.

Her inspiration for the content of the film was 神道 Shinto: The indigenous spirituality of Japan and the people of Japan. She constructed a multi-gendered character, in-between female and male, human and animal, real modern society and spiritual world and shot a performance video embodying this character. This was projected onto the turning object.

This was showcased in a collaborative exhibition called ‘Shift’ which  presented ideas surrounding transformation, displacement and movement through media art, sound art, performance, illustration and sculpture.