MAY 2015



Film Maker Keh Hui Ng Graduated with a Master of Arts from Central St Martins in London and since has pursued his video artwork through numerous International exhibitions, residencies and competitions.

His practice is concerned with stories that people remember, recount and re-interpret over time. Why do people re-tell stories? Is it a metaphor for something else we are trying to say? Could it be a moral allegory? Or perhaps a humourous reinterpretation? Or is there simply an instinctive need programmed within us to share the things that we are connected to?


During his time on the Surface Arts + Rumpueng Residency Program he investigated through film and collaboration the myth of the Samuri Motorcycle Gang. He collected footage and interviews from the local community.


He also organsied a presentation of his works at the gallery and invited members of the local community to participate in sharing myths and legends of Chiang Mai with him.


He has been collecting these stories for several years now, and considers his practice to be an ongoing compendium that is independent from the original events. Each new telling of a story may bear some resemblance to the previous, but is actually a new event. With this in mind, my works attempt to “forget” formulas or the reliance of a specific medium. I consider each piece to be a lens that is chosen with a specific re-telling in mind.