Saturday 18th September – Saturday 16th October 2010

Surface Arts worked in partnership with Book Cycle and EVA Studios to develop this exhibition in an industrial warehouse, under the theme of ‘DIY’. This formed a way to engage with alternative spaces to develop artistic practice outside of the ‘White Cube’ .

Surface Arts invited artists to Exeter to take part in a residency in order to respond to this dilapidated building. The artists’ interactions with the warehouse, both its materials and the space were used to create ‘site- specific’ pieces. The numerous art works, involving multiple disciplines took over the entirety of the warehouse and were intrinsic to the site.

DIY served as an inquiry into artist-led movements within this time of financial instability and generated an alternative monetary system through ‘in kind ‘ sponsorship to meet the needs of the project. It presented the creative benefits and alternative ways to ‘make’ and ‘do’.

The artists were: Adam Garrett, Chiara Gill, Hanna Downing, James Burgess, Jessica Mautner, Jo Willoughby, Julie McCalden, Mark Houghton, Megan Hoggins, Michele Louise Schiocchet and Sarah Farmer. The additional collaborators were: Dave Holder, Francis Ives and Alex Saunders.

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