This is a radical ongoing worldwide project has brought artists together from highly varied backgrounds. The aim of the project is to create new relationships between international and local artists as it tours the globe. The exhibition creates a hive of activity at its many stops and gathers evidence of life’s journeys.


OPENING NIGHT PARTY. Performance from Tune of the S.I.N.E Dance Crew, Hanoi and Boonsong Rodthab, one of Asiatopia’s leading artists. Live Music from Shoegarden, Munnin and Space360.

Sequence 01 from Kate Hawker on Vimeo.

Sequence 02 from Kate Hawker on Vimeo.

Video by Tar Tarfullhd and Sattra Yothakhammee
















Images By Alex Soulsby, Tar Tarfullhd and Sattra Yothakhammee

THAILAND Terminal provided an array of collaborative projects for artists and the local community.

ARTIST RESIDENCY. The first residency to take place at Watch Space, Penguin Village. Artists in residence Erin Lee Benson, Kobina Wright and Chitima Nok Kerdpitak used their time to create pieces for the Circus Terminal exhibition and linked events.









BANANA LEAF COSTUME WORKSHOP. Led by Chakkrit Chimnok the children created their own costumes from Banana leaves for a special jungle dance performance at PREM International School.





PUBLIC PERFORMANCE ‘I ART YOU, YOU ART ME’. An interactive performance involving all the participating artists at the 10th anniversary of the Chiang Mai Walking Street market.









HODAOA-ANIBO PRAYER FLAG WORKSHOP. Hodaoa-Anibo is a language Kobina Wright created, inspired by her enslaved ancestors, the Prayer Flags inspired by the Tibetan prayer flags. Led by Kobina, participants were invited to create prayer flags using insprational symbols and text along the themes of ‘charity’.





Invited Artists from Thailand: Padungsak Kochsomrong, Pattree Chimnok, Chakkrit Chimnok, Dontree Siribunjongsak, Boonsong Rodthab, Jamjuree Suktuy, Mahasamoot Aukkaradechosub, Olarn Plubplon, Prokpan Ponngam, Ploy Kasom, Wattanopon Kitburin, Niam S. Mawornkanong, Sittiporn Banjongpetch

Artists in Residence: Kobona Wright (USA), Erin Lee Benson (USA), Chutima Kerdpitak (UK)


Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE is led by Chutima Kerdpitak (Nok)

For more information about the project:

54 Artists -17 different countries:

Sam Clift – London, UK / Charlie W Phillips – Manchester, UK – Japan / MaryAnn McCarra – Fitzpatrick – NY, USA / Louise Schmid – Glasgow, UK / Jeff Roland – Eulmont, France / Tom McGill – NJ, USA / John McLaughlin – MI, USA / Noel Wong – Hong Kong / Christy Symington – London,UK / Miranda Sky – London, UK / Gareth  Hughes – London, UK / Lynn Todd – Wellington, New Zealand / Pattree Chimnok – Chiang Mai, Thailand / Rinaldo Klas – Paramaribo, Suriname / Toro Manafov– Baku, Azerbaijan / Chris Czainski – Halifax, UK / Liz Parkinson – North Avoca NSW, Australia / Danni Higman – Manchester, UK / Dion Hitchings – Outsider Art Gallery – NJ, USA / Padungsak Kochsomrong – Chiang Mai, Thailand / Anna Luisa Dionello – London, UK / Ciara Foster – Dublin, Ireland / Erin Lee Benson – FL, USA / Katie Hawker- Surface Arts – Chiang Thailand – UK / Joshua Haycraft – BHBITB – Washington DC, USA / Paul Czainski – Halifax, UK / Gustav Glander – Barcelona, Spain / Josianne Ishikawa – Yamanashi, Japan – USA / Julia Sisi – Canarias, Spain / Seijin Park – Seoul, Korea-UK / Chakkrit Chimnok – Chiang Mai, Thailand / Andrew Stahl – London, UK /Chutima Kerdpitak (Nok) – London, UK – Thailand / Werens (Ramon Puig) – Barcelona, Spain / François Nasica – Nice, France / Charles Auchincloss, Edward Kingsbury III, Edward Woltemate Jr., David “Big Dutch” Nally, Jim Bloom – Represented by

Outsider Folk Art Gallery – PA, USA / Sheona Josiah – London, UK / Carlo Keshishian – London, UK / Ilya Scurovs – London, UK – Latvia / Clare Rosean – Chicago, USA / Kobina Wright – California, USA / Ascension Lorente Huguet – Kent, UK – Spain / Roberta Requena – Viña del Mar, Chile / Dan Casado – Canarias, Spain / Bert Schoonhoven – Amsterdam,The Netherlands / Marianne Aspairt – Metz, France / Stanley Artworth – Metz, France / Farad Ibrahimovic – Murau, Austria,Donna Kuhn – NM, USA, Soodie Whitaker, CA – USA, Pier Makanda, Kwa Zulu-Natal / Daniel Chrisjohn Benson – Oregon, USA  and counting……..