MARCH 2014


Metveyeff works through process and chance methods allowing for spontaneous and cathartic works to evolve. She likes the theme of the work to be based around the exploration of the collaborative process itself and the joy in similarities and differences of work.

She utilizes existing critical, analytic and technical skills in relation to fine arts practice while simultaneously developing a capacity to engage with new technology and global trends.

Throughout the residency she developed a body of work which questioned the trends and actions of society by presenting the ridiculous within these systems and behavioral assumptions and what that means within a completely new environment.

During the residency, as well as creating studio based installations she developed a character  based on a trophy depicting a female runner. She change the form, erring towards the ridiculous, by adding a shimmery red dunces hat. This character was the focus and drive for many pieces she created during her residency.

In the centre of Chiang Mai she made a series of pubic encounters and performances.








She also worked with a local artist to create a sculpture of her character.





The event ‘Running Sheet’ was organised at Rumpueng Art Space to showcase a performance with local participants. This was a group performance and collaboration with musician Space360 directed by Melissa.