Organised by Alias and g39/WARP in collaboration with Cerbyd, Supersaurus and Surface Arts, Dense Cluster was an opportunity to share, discuss and generate activity around the future and creative struggles for self organised survival in our ‘new age of austerity’. Coming at a time when arts organisations across the country are being hit by cuts in funding Dense Cluster will bring together a range of examples of ‘what is possible’ through shared endeavour, interest and skills.

Invited groups from across the UK presented, in the widest sense, a representation of their activity including discussions, screenings, performance, installation and documentation providing a Dense Cluster of activity.

Participating groups: Cerbyd, Mermaid &Monster, Supersaurus, Elbow Room, Folded Printed & Glued, Rubric, Real Institute, Open Empty Spaces, Eastside Projects, Lombard Method, Meantime, Surface, Project Space 11, An Endless Supply, Royal Standard, Spike Associates, Motorcade Flash Parade, Bristol Diving School and Hand in Glove.


1.00pm Owen Griffiths (Framework), Katie Hawker (Surface Arts), Tom Goddard (Cerbyd), Sovay Berriman (ALIAS), Steven Paige (Folded Glued and Printed), Sean Edwards (WARP) in conversation with Barnaby Dicker on the history, politics and reasons for artist led activity.

3.00pm Bristol Diving School, The Royal Standard, Fox Studios and Penny Jones (BV Studios) talking around studios.

3.30pm Tom Goddard (Cerbyd) in Conversation with Elbow Room on surviving in the public realm.

5.00pm Liz Rowe (Eastside Projects), Sean Edwards (WARP) and Sovay Berriman (Alias) on artist led survival & going it alone.

7.00pm Arctic Circle (Music)