MARCH 2014



Sébastien Duranté evolved in a ‘rock’n’roll’ world. Shown in his work are reflections of his time Spent between concerts, playing music and producing art-work. He plays with references to these experiences with a sense of humour and a pinch of casualness.

He makes diversions by mixing artistic references with daily objects. His goal is to put  doubt onto the art object and his own status as an artist.

By transforming works to be light and funny, he tries to put a kind of confusion in the viewer’s mind. He remakes and replays famous art pieces and tries to introduce his work in the art world while thwarting the mechanics appropriate at the art market.

During the residency period, Sébastien has involved himself with many local artists to create lots of paintings and sculptures which, further, will be used as a tool to arise the question of “What is art and what is an artist?”. He creates the illusion in painting and try to capture single frame from the master painting which has thick paint and looked differently in different light and perspective. He also make two sculptures which, in the future, is planned to transport to New York to, again, put doubt to what he’s making as an art.








Sébastien also set an art presentation to presenting his artist statement and his previous works which link to his work here as well.