February 2014


John’s interests lye in themes of transience, systems theory and Buddhism which have dominated his mediums drawing him to performance art, video art, painting, printmaking, and installation.

While studying printmaking John discovered the new medium of chemography, which he often uses to make street prints, whilst his performance driven video art searches for new ways to make line, form, and composition by using time, the body and other fleeting materials.

Throughout the residency he hoped to add new ideas into the dialogue of contemporary art.


Bonafede showcased a new performance at our event ‘Pot Luck Party’, aimed at sharing ideas and work with other artists. The theme of the performance was based on love and adoration.








The final showcase of Bonafede’s work resulted in a collaborative exhibition called ‘Shift’ which  presented ideas surrounding transformation, displacement and movement through media art, sound art, performance, illustration and sculpture.

He displayed his chemographs and performed a piece which he had made in collaboration with a local monk. The performance was based on the practice of meditation, a film of the monk was projected onto Bonafedes head whilst he mimicked the meditative actions of the monk.